Andrew Katz

Seaquake and Crypto


Andrew Katz is an entrepreneur and Harvard graduate who spends the most of his time establishing his business but enjoys spending his free time with friends. He developed Seaquake, which provides brokerage services and data analytics to enterprises in order to stabilize the digital asset market's fractured infrastructure.

In 2016, Andrew Katz utilized his knowledge to create his own firm. Following the launch of Seaquake, Katz's inventive, out-of-the-box thinking and commercial acumen led to rapid development and progress toward his ultimate aim for the company, the introduction of a native crypto platform.

Before founding his own business, Andrew Katz began his career at UBS as an equities analyst. In barely over a year, he became an Equity Trader at the New York office of LeGarde Capital Management. He flourished in New York and enjoyed living and working in one of the financial capitals of the world.

Katz then made a strategic shift to Zooz Capital Management, where he worked over two years as a Senior Analyst improving his trading and market analysis talents. Katz supervised the firm's portfolio-building activities using FX and derivatives-based volatility expansion trading models.